Tantra is not and never was a religion, nor does it deal with the spiritual world. Tantra is about life energy, where it comes from, how it is expressed, how to feel it in your own body, how to feel it from another's.

There is no 'magic' to Tantra, it is not mystical, it is as physical as exercise, learning to dance or sing.

Tantra is about arousal and orgasm, thought Tantra is about the arousal of all the Chakras, all seven of the major ones and relates to the study of all that you will encounter in your own study.

Rolling on the floor laughing is an orgasm, the arousal was initiated by the event. Bawling your eyes out is an orgasm and the arousal was the event and the experience of grief surrounding the event.

Arousal and orgasm relates to all aspects and expressions of the life energy. Intimacy relates to all human realtionships, with other humans, all other life forms, inanimate objects, events, and experience.