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Most relationships are between the physical form of one individual and the physical form of another individual.

In the realms of Tantra the individual is ‘more’ than the physical form, the ‘subtle body’, or ch'i energy is also considered, practiced, and experienced with. This subtle body is the forms of energy that emanate from and surround the life form and the expressions of those forms.

Attention and intention are two of the expressions of this energy and humans have developed sensitive detectors for these expressions. Much of sensory experience, such as light, sound, and odor, are in the form of indirect stimuli that is detected by sensitive physical systems. Taste and many of the skin senses require a more direct experience.

Often relationships become ego oriented. One ego is relating to another ego, even when the physical forms are entangled in sexual expression. When the Tantric aspects are added to the relationship the experience deepens and becomes far more complex, exciting, and meaningful.

The practice of Tantric positions, the awareness of the synchronicities of vibration, heart beat, breathing, and the eye gazing are some of the exercises that encourage the couple to become far more engaged with each other prior to significant experience such as intimacy, communication, relating to other couples and individuals, and even the rearing and education of children.