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the material body and the spiritual energy in the experience of life and intimate relationships

The studies and practices of Tantra add the energy of life into the equation of our many relationships in the world we live in.

The study and practice of Tantra transforms perspective in relationships. Our ideas, opinions, beliefs, and understandings change to add the energetic aspects.

Many consider these energetic aspects to be spiritual and/or religious. Others consider them as psychic, intuitive, or supernatural. Current physics, the science of the world we live in, now acknowledges these energies and describes them to some degree.

Tantra is an experience of these energies. Seattle Tantra encourages insight into current physics and the relationship to the current sensory sciences. Seattle Tantra encourages an understanding of the energies and the sensory systems that detect and process the experience of those energies.

Tantra also opens the door to the energies of physical objects such as crystals and crystal balls, tarot cards and astrology.

Tantra is an ancient science and to study it we bring it into the present moment and relate it to your world.

Some students are 'energy workers', some massage practitioners, some use sexuality as a therapeutic healing process. Some students are artists, performers, or desire to add the energetic dimensions to their career performance.

Each class, workshop, or seminar hosted by Seattle Tantra is tailored to the specific needs of those who enroll.