Is Tantra About Sex?

Sex is a popular activity in the world. The love of sexuality is one of the things we all, as humans, have in common.

It is also one of the human and life energy expressions and hence one of the aspects studied in Tantra.

However, focusing and obsessing on the study and practice of Tantra in the realms of sexuality is a Western invention in a rebellion against the mainstream churches insistence that sex is not sacred and has to be carefully restricted to relationship. Other societal restrictions on sexuality include gender, preference, and taboos against certain activities that might otherwise be healthy and enjoyable.

The Tantra process celebrates the body and all its expressions including sexuality. However focusing on any one may cause as many problems as the restrictions.

The expression of Tantra in the true sense is allowing the life energy to flow through all the channels of expression, fine and performance art, science and philosophy, sensuality and sexuality, communication, will and embracing, compassion and love, self esteem and spirituality.